Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Residents being destroyed behind secret water diversion

50-yrs invested into secretly rebuilding Fresno on top of a water system, connected and held together by clamps!! Below is an example of how the ringleader, who conspires with the City of Fresno's Public Works Dept., left one parcel.

Property lines were altered. Parcel maps illegal changed to match.

The altered parcel maps were then used as "proof" that the neighbor's property was overlapping and unless rectified at THEIR expense, they would be SUED! Aerial views are then altered to make it appear that nothing ever took place.

The sewer layout verifies all the above, as well as the street widening, relocation of fire hydrants, storm drains, utility poles.

The City of Fresno committed perjury, followed by death threats and sexual harassment against me for exposing the above information.

Death threats because I am the only survivor to what they did. (Already attempted.)  Property owners are being run off property and even killed in order to pull this off without leaving witnesses or complaints.

Not only did I (and countless others) witness the widening of Olive Ave., residential streets were widened, which the City also denies.

They extended everyone's back yards into the alley to compensate what was cut off the front lawns.

Garages at the ends of blocks were rebuilt, extended into the alley, to make it appear that the alleys were always this narrow.

Tower District. Over the course of 50 yrs, not one home standing as it was when originally built ~ now setting on top of the water system that is clamped together, with property owners held liable to maintain.

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Directly north (next door) to the above

Around the corner

Directly west

Continuing down Olive Ave.

(Above residential street has been partially widened.)

Directly east of the above.

Directly across the street - also on Olive

More street widening


More evidence of altered records to cover up the above. And the final step ~ water meters.

Unless done in-between sales, property owners are being annihilated. Trail of burglaries, forged deeds, insurance fraud, suspected homicides, unsolved murders. Reports of poisoning and attempted murder also being covered up.

This pertains to the unsolved Polzin murder noted on the above chart. Click on it for more info.

The self-proclaimed mastermind who boasts of 50 yrs invested into this.

Swieso's partner, who says the "secret water operation" will result in piped water throughout his camp grounds. Click to see how he assists Swieso in "clearing the path."

Click below for a shocking cover-up.

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Many others. For more information pertaining to the secret replacement of the central valley's water system Click: Marla

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